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I carry one of these too.

With Mountain Survival you may avoid this!
Training offered:

Basic Survival
Advance Survival
Knot craft
Shelter building
Firearms defensive training
Navigation GPS and Compass
Fire Craft
Getting Found when lost
Knife selection
Firearm selection and training
ATV and UTV driving instruction

Alumni of West Point
Class of 1978
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mountain survival skills

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The mountains are prone to afternoon thunderstorms. It can Snow any time of the year and it has! You can check local, Nevada and California weather and road reports here.

Check Current Weather Radar Here!!!

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Member of National Search and Rescue and Local Search and Rescue for 19 years.

I carry this book in all my search and rescue bags.

Washoe County

Washoe County Search and Rescue are looking for a few great volunteers to join our team. Give back to the community and help make a difference in someones life.

Looking for Survival Food? Check this link out.

Northern Nevada Wise Food

Give it a shot.
Call or text 775 741 0735

Take Away ATV rentals.
Booked until Jan Nov 2017

Machine Gun Rental.
Shoot a full auto today!
Stop, Think, Observe and Plan
Proud Supporters of the Nevada National Guard. Donated a son.

Nevada 156 Years strong.

search and rescue at lake tahoe
Any products purchased through this sight or our other sites (, , 5% will go to different veterans non profit or Washoe County support for their volunteer teams.

Graduate of
Northern Warfare School
US Army 1976

Land Navigation and personal survival training available.

We rent Firearms
"Battle Cold and Conquer Mountains"

Group and Individual Survival Training

Today is: | Updated: Thursday, April 04, 2024

***Practice your survival skills before you need them***.
Be Prepared!

Mountain Survival. com


Firearms Training Available. All levels

Stay safe in the Mountains and Deserts. This site will help you.

We have survival classes starting at $50 per person and hour for groups of 4 or more or private instruction starting at $110 per hour per person. Depending upon circumstance we will discount pricing. We want you to be safe and secure in your trip to the back country. Lots of information and a great way to protect for the future. Give is a call or text at 775 741 0735, anytime. I will answer 24/7 if I am not in class teaching.

Where to purchase camping and climbing equipment:
Nevada Adventure Rentals/ Reno/ Nevada

Survival food:
West Point Alumni 1978

US Army Artic Mountaineering trained 1976
We are one of the oldest survival sites on the web.

Questions? Call or text us anytime 775-741-0735.

Experience and Back Ground

Lifetime Search and Rescue member and Instructor since 2000. I have over 1200 missions in Search and Rescue operations.
US Army Mountain Warfare School 1976
Former member of Nevada Board of Search and Rescue
Military Vet, Firearms and Survival instructor over 50 years of experience
Personal Protection Specialist.

Lots of Snow in the Sierras. Dress correctly, go out prepared. Hope for the best plan for the works. Rules of 3.

Want to learn survival skills? Want to learn to shoot? Want to increase your skills? We can make this happen. Worried about cost? Tell us what you want and your budget and we can make it happen. Learn. Become proficient and give us a CALL or TEXT 775-741-0735 . $75 per hour two hour min.

Highway 80 Traffic cams: Road conditions to and around Tahoe.

Check weather before you go out and prepare for the worst. If you are in trouble, call local search and rescue. It is as close as 911. In addition, tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. If you are late, have them call ASAP. Search and rescue is always available. Dial 911. Don't wait. One's life may depend upon it. Learn how to locate yourself on your cell phone and save your battery. Your live may depend upon it.

Did you know you can use pallets as a quick survival shelter? Ask us how?

Updated Avalanche conditions in the Sierras. Check it before you venture out

Survival tips:


Search and Rescue activities log Reno/Tahoe Washoe County, Nevada

Past Mission Reports

WANT to get involved in Search and Rescue in Nevada or Lake Tahoe Area?
Email me for more information. Washoe County Search and Rescue is looking for volunteers.


Sierra Weather can change any time. Be prepared. Stop Think Observe and Plan. Use rules of three when going out. It helps you prepair your equipment when venturing out into the wilderness.

Individual mountain top survival training avaliable starting at $400 per person per day. Agenda . Give us a call or text us with any questions you have. . We have private remote locations available to rent and practice your skills.

Tactical shooting and Self Defense firearms classes and rental.
Nevada Gun Rental and Nevada Recreation Inc.

Be prepared!

Avalanche Deaths in North America this season up to 0 for the 2022 season.

Want to test your skills.

Take this quiz and send me your answers. If I like your responses, I will send you a free survival item.
Try it here!

Today is:
Updated: Thursday, April 04, 2024
Local Weather
How are YOU going to Survive today? Prepare Here! Mountain, Wilderness, Desert, Urban and Personal Survival. Increase your proficiency and competence with survival tactics offered here.

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Mountain Survival Word Press for updated information

Want to start with survival training? Start with the rules of 3. Build all of your outings and challenges around these simples rules. Then learn Stop. (Stop, Think, Observe and Plan)

“God Guides, Guards, Governs, Protects and Provides


Nevada Gun Rental: Individual or Group firearm training. Private facility. All skill levels welcome. We teach agressive defense shooting tactics. Move and shoot, long distance shooting and more. Mountain Top location available. Give us a call Nevada Gun Rental and Shooting Academy at
775 741 0735. Choose your firearm

Shooting package for the month of May 22: Military Package normally is $285. This is 9 firearms and two training guns. You must book now. Range is a private range located about 40 minutes from Reno or 90 minutes from Tahoe. Special: an exploding target is added but you must ask.

In site: "Practice your survival skills all of the time. This is a diminishing skill if not practiced enough!

Learn how to drown proof yourself. Your pants can be used as an emergency flotation device. See here.  

New Information

If you do not see it, call us. We are always availble.
"Organized Links"

updated 1Sept2019

traping survival
hunting survival

Warning: "Those who go into the Wilderness and engage in dangerous sports are playing chess with Mother Nature."

Deep Survival:
L. Gonzales

If in a survival situation, keep a Positive Mental Attitude. Lose this and you will not return. STOP!!!!!


Then ACT!!!!


A small compass like this could save your life.

Important Note from Josh Ketcham, Survival Inc.

We have over 52 years experience in the outdoor wilderness and are still learning. If you have questions! We have answers!

Over 210,000,000 visitors to this site.
13,000,000 hits in 2018 alone.
This site specializes in outdoor skills and tactics needed around Lake Tahoe and Sierras but can be used anywhere.
Survival Facts!!
Fatalities this season due to Avalanches as of
Thursday, April 04, 2024 0 in the US & Canada this season so far.

Check here for current update

Survival Priorities.
Calm yourself and solve your problem.

Put worry out of your mind. It takes energy and is unproductive. Worry only makes matters worse and not better.

We are not experts. We are students striving to become better. Keep on learning!!

Do not point a fire arm at anything unless you intend to destroy it.

Learn to use a map and compass. Here is why. 12 Dec 2010 the movie
God the Great I AM.

Survival tip: KISSWEP
Know and recognize...... Inventory..... Shelter..... Signal ..... Water ..... Eat..... Play

Forest Service (Truckee): 530-587 3558

Humans are programmed with basic survival skills. Think before you act.

Tip: Carry several sources to create fire when you are in the back country.
Take a compass as a back up to your GPS. Know how to use it. Want to learn? Call or text us for a class. 775 741 0735
Why is Mountain Survival important?
"If you can move, shoot and communicate in the mountains, you can do it anywhere," said Maj. Urbano Cruz, the officer in charge of Mountain Warfare training
Bridgeport Calif, Eastern Sierras. Nov 2009

Keep Trying: Never Ever Give Up!!!!!!

S........Size up the situation STOP
U.......Use all your senses.....undue haste ..............................................makes waste
R........Remember where you are
V........Vanquish Fear and Panic
V.......Value Living
A.......Act like the natives
L........Live by your wits and continue to ............learn more

Life Time Member Washoe County Search and Rescue 20 + Years . Former Board Member of Nevada State Board of Search and Rescue appointed 2016 to 2019 under the Nevada Department of Emergency Management.

Local Notices!

Explore the back country but please do not leave trash. Fire danger is extremely high.
775 741 0735

Mountain Survival web site Search here!

Have questions? We have answers. We have active shooter survival training. Don't know what to do? Want to make a plan? Call us. 775-741-0735. Anytime.
Really Anytime.

Learn the 3 W's (wicking, warmth and wind) to stay alive in the mountains. This is great for all seasons. Mar 2011
Incident Command System info (ICS)

We provide back country skill training to schools. Give us a call.

This is a great investment. Worth the money. However, if you buy one, learn how to use it. Questions on use, please give me a call or text 775 741 0735

Search and Rescue Teams around Lake Tahoe

What's in your pocket? 
Carry at the least 2 ways to start a fire and some plastic bags for your feet to use as a vapor liner if you become lost. Did you know Doritos can help you start a fire. Learn

Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue,
West Shore Lake Tahoe

Do not depend on your smart phone as a navigation device. Carry a compass and learn old time navigation techniques.

Washoe County Search and Rescue:
North Shore and East Shore Lake Tahoe

When you get lost, use STOP! Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. Then ACT

Douglas County Search and Rescue:
South Shore Lake Tahoe

What is the best survival tool you can take into the back country? Think about it!

Zippo lighters are great to have however it is normal for the lighter fluid to evaporate out. Check it often.

Washoe Searches in the past 120 days.

Updated Avalanche conditions in the Sierras. Check it before you venture out.

Avalanche notification system is closed for the season.

You have questions, we will find the answers. Contact us here at or text me at
775 741 0735. We will respond.

Practice your skills often.
Tips on cold feet: Before you go to bed make sure you're wearing dry socks. Even if your socks are a little damp, don't just add another layer over them. Change them! Remove your sweaty liners too. Wear a hat! 11Oct10

Call us when you need us: Washoe County Search and Rescue. We are volunteers and can use your donations. "So That Other May Live!!! Any Where! Any Time! NO CHARGE!!!

What to do if someone has not returned from the back country.
god guides, guards, governs and protects
god is loveYou do not have to wait 24 hours to report a missing hiker or child. The sooner, the better.

If you believe that someone is missing or overdue, you should report them right away to law enforcement. The 24 hour rule does not apply to search and rescue, however there must be reasonable circumstances for us to justify our response. The determination of whether SAR will respond is left up to the SAR Coordinator. He determines the urgency of the response.

There is no charge for the search and rescue in Nevada. The Washoe County Sheriffs Office utilizes teams of well trained volunteers supervised by professional paid deputies that have been trained in SAR management. These volunteers are dedicated citizens from the community that donate their time, vehicles and equipment to our cause. The teams finance a large portion of their operations with donations from the public and private grants.

If you need them Call Them. They are volunteers under the direction of Washoe County Sheriff Department. 911.
Area: North Lake Tahoe to the Idaho-Oregon border, Nevada side.

Cooking: Making soup over a small fire is not as easy as it seems. Cover the pan, block the wind, and keep the fire small and concentrated. Time yourself when you practice. You don’t have to rush normally, but speed can be important in some situations, and it’s always possible your stove will break. I carry both of these at different times during the year. the wood stove uses many different fuels and can stow in a pocket or pack and take up very little room.

Nevada is a high earth quake area. Make sure you have a 3 day survival kit ready for you and your family. Learn how to make one here on this site.

Stay out of abandon mines. Nevada has over 50,000 mines, Do not explore! Stay out and Stay Alive. Act wisely

Compass stick: Learn how to use a watch and the sun to determine direction, or how to use a stick and shadow. Compasses break, and maps get lost. You should know at least one or two ways to determine direction. You should also note the direction most likely to take you out of the wilderness before you start. If you remember that a highway runs along the entire south side of the area you are in, you know which way to go in an emergency. April 2011  

Do you know the difference between "Heat Stroke" and "Heat Exhaustion"? You should! One can be treated in the field and the other needs immediate evacuation. Learn the difference. I could save a life!!!
Do signal mirrors really work?
You bet they do!!!! more here

Think Calming Thoughts:

mountain survival skillsmountain survival skillsmountain survival skills Search and Rescue

A Reno, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Gardnerville, Truckee, Washoe County and Sierra Nevada outdoor survival tips and Weather site.


Mountain Survival Complete Table of Contents

This site can also be reached by the following http:// and

Weather or Not!!!

Weather: Reno/Tahoe

Thursday, April 04, 2024
Check local weather conditions here.

Competence in backcountry survival is increased with the knowledge of weather activities. .......................Keep updated here!!!!

An oft-stated rule of thumb for walking speed is 2 miles per hour. But that's for a day hiker on an easy trail. It doesn't account for heavier loads, gazing time, rest stops, photos, or lunch breaks. Plan to average about 1.5 miles per hour if you move steadily on a good trail. Heavy loads, rough terrain, rest stops, or water searches slow you down further.

Quick tip: Cold Feet
Before you go to bed make sure you're wearing dry socks. Even if your socks are a little damp, don't just add another layer over them. Change them! Remove your sweaty liners too.

Tip: Dental Floss makes great cordage. Carry some.

avalanche survival skills

Avalanche Safety. Check it out!!

"The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible."

Check Current Weather Radar Here!!!

Mountain Survival Tales

We are looking for stories. Send us yours and we may put it up.

Washoe County Search and Rescue always looking for volunteers. We will train.

Washoe Searches in the past 120 days.

Archived Tales of Wilderness Experience


Warning terms for each kind of disaster

Thermo-Lite Bivy Sacks could save your life.

This 8-ounce emergency bivy sack really shelters you and holds up to repeated use. Tip: To make it really useful and lite, use a silk liner. Used by members of Washoe County Search and Rescue. These are a life saver.

Have a new product and want to get exposure, call us at 775 741 0735. We will post it for free for two months with no obligation to continue. Let us help. Survival is everyone's business.

UPDATE:4/4/2024 11:15:25 PM

Most recent weather updates click here at or This Weather


Take Breaks While Hiking

If you're exhausted, a rest and a snack (see energy bar and gel reviews below) can do wonders to boost morale.
In general, the military adheres to a schedule of 50 minutes of marching to 10 minutes of resting. This is a good pace to start with, although you might find you need more or less rest. When planning your trip remember to keep
plenty of time set aside for those rest periods.

If you are planning to hike in the back country, this article is very important. Check it out!!!!!

Preparing for Back Country Fitness

A tip for all of you back country and out of bound skiers. Take along a space blanket.


For first-aid in giving reflecting warmth, for fire reflection warmth and light and signals, for rain-proof shelter, signals of all type.

You can go cheap but when it is terrible weather, get something you can wrap yourself in. I carry a couple of these in my packs. They are not small but they are sturdy and reliable.

compass survival and training

If Lost Relax!!! (Click here to read what to do!)

If Lost, Stay Put! Make yourself visible! SAR teams will find You.

Survival Tip: If you need to attract attention make a "V" (need immediate assistance) or a large "X" (need immediate medical assistance) on the ground. You can stamp it our or use tree limbs or brush to make the signal more visible This is easier than SOS and requires less material. Also wave with 2 (two) hands and arms (distress). A 1(one) arm wave indicates all is well. (Do not get these confused!!!!!!)

If you have a whistle, give 3 blasts (distress). This can be heard up to 5 miles away under certain conditions. Three (3) signals of any kind mean SOS (Distress). (2 blasts mean "All is well")

Know the Rules Of 3's.

  • You have 3 seconds to calm yourself down realize you are in a survival situation.
  • You can survival 3 minutes with out air.
  • You can survive 3 hours without proper shelter.
  • You can survive 3 days with out water.
  • You can survive 3 weeks with out food.

Cold Weather Camping in the Mountains

  • If camping in a valley, find a spot more than 60 feet above valley floor where the overnight low is 5 degrees warmer.
  • Set up camp among trees for more warmth and less dew.
  • Place camp with clear view of eastern horizon to get morning sun.
  • Place boots and clothes under tent fly to prevent dew or condensation.
  • Empty bladder before sleeping.
  • Wear a hat on a cold night.
  • If above the snow line, store water bottles upside down to prevent caps from icing. Ice floats to the top.

    Survivor Traits Taken from Real Life Experiences

    All Survivors
    • Had the ability to improvise.
    • Were very adaptable and could make the best of a poor situation.
    • Were usually very patient and remained calm, cool and collected.
    • Were usually prepared physically or mentally or both.
    • Were very aware of their own fears, shortcomings and attributes and tended to control them or use them very will in the situation.
    • Had the ability to weigh the facts and make decisions crucial to survival.
    • Had practiced skills that directly contributed to their survival.
    Most decisions are made on an emotional level and not by using logic.
    What to do to survive in the case of an active shooter enters your area.

    13 Essentials for Backpacking at Lake Tahoe (or anywhere for that matter)

    Most important are learn the Rules of 3 and practice STOP!

    First 10 By Dennis Lewon, BACKPACKER Equipment Editor, Gina DeMillo, BACKPACKER Associate Editor, September 2002

    Most Important is take your Mind. It is the number one survival tool.

    1. Daypack. The capacity you need depends on weather conditions and what you'd need to survive a night out. Count on extra space for photography equipment or other gear for hobbies like drawing or fishing.

    2. Food and water. Sounds obvious, but many day hikers underestimate how much fuel they'll need for a 12- to 16-hour day. Pack two lunches and a few snacks or energy bars. Check water availability; if you can't refill along the way, carry a few quarts, more in hot weather.

    3. Head lamp. Test it before heading out, and pack extra batteries if you expect to be hiking in the dark.
    Tip: The new LED head lamps last a long time and are very bright. I now use one for search and rescue operations.

    4. Basic first-aid kit. Think about the stuff you'd need to patch injuries long enough to hike out--a few bandages, some antiseptic wipes, and butterfly bandages for wounds, a triangular bandage (also works as a sling, bandanna, and athletic wrap), and tape. Adjust for longer outings and group size.

    5. Map, compass, watch, cell phone and GPS . Don't take navigation for granted just because it's only a day hike. ( Hikers at Tahoe have been lost only 1 mile from the main road. It can happen.) Ten miles from the car is still 10 miles into the back country. A GPS is of great benefit however, it should not replace a map, compass and an analogue watch. Do not forget extra batteries. Remember in the winter, batteries drain faster. Updated Sept 2016

    6. Water treatment. A bottle of iodine tablets or other chemical treatment adds mere ounces to your pack, but pays off on long days when you're constantly refilling your tanks. Water purification pumps or water straws also work well. They are a little heavier and may freeze during the winter. Carring some type of boiling vessel is highly recommended. In boiling, you do not hvae to boil the water for 5 minutes. As long as the water comes to a rolling boil, that will be long enough to kill all pathogens in the water.

    7. Rain shell. A lightweight waterproof/breathable shell is ideal. A poncho also works and may take up less room in your pack. Toss in an extra mid layer if the weather is chilly. Garbage bags can also double as a expedient rain suit. Learn how to make a hypothermia suit out of a poncho here on this site.

    8. Emergency shelter. This should be number one. Depending on your preference for pack weight and comfort, all of the following work:clothing, bivy sack, emergency blanket, tarp, a waterproof rain suit, garbage bags (min. of 2). Consider carrying a lightweight sleeping bag if nighttime temperatures would kill you.

    9. Warm hat. It won't take much space in your pack, but provides the warmth of an extra sweater if the mercury dips or if you have to sleep out.

    10. Fire. This should be number 2. Lighter or matches in a waterproof container along with a candle. Trixoine tables will light with a spark kit even when wet. (Butane does not work in very cold temperatures with out first warming it up.) I prefer a steel and flint striker along with Vaseline and cotton balls. Always carry more than one way to light a fire. I carry a ferro rod in my paracord neck strap. This is always with me. I perfer 3 ways.
    20 Feb. 2009

    11. Find Me Spot or PLB and cell phone. This is a must if you want to hike or travel into the back country alone. Cheap insurance. Cell phones can be pinged now and can give search and rescue units additional tools to locate you in an out of bounds ski area and in some back country areas such as the Tahoe Rim Trail. Added Sept 2016

    12. Knife. A good full tang knife is a must in all survival situations. Pocket knives are OK but do not stand up to the rigors of out door situations. A knife can be carried several different ways depending on the size of the knife. Scout Carry, Chest Carry, Hip Carry, it can be carried on your pack or on a chest pack. I perfer the Scout carry which is horizontal in the small of the back. This allows for a quick draw. I also carry a smaller pocket knife in my pocket.

    13. Cordage. I have added cordage to a survival item. Dental floss is great. This is stong and there is a lot of it in a package. It can be used for sewing up wounds if need be. In addition, it can be used for traps and lashing together cross members for a shelter. I also like to carry paracord. It is very strong and can be carried as a belt if correctly tied. I carry around all the time. I have it as a braclet, rifle sling, camera sling and even on my belt. One should carry at least 25 feet of para-cord in their survival gear. The strands in the paracord can be used for traps, sutures, floss, sewing or what ever you can think up. There is a new type of carrier for paracord. It also has a place for a small lighter to burn the ends of the cord as well as another fire source. I carry one in all my bags. It can also be worn attached to a pant loop. Learn knots. Amazing things can be built with paracord.


    Cell Phones and Recco devices. Covered earlier: Cells phones have come a long way since this site has started. There is are so many things you can do with a phone. It can be used as a flash light, compass, gps, mapping, calling home and more. It is important to remember that all of these apps will cause the battery to drain even faster. The more apps you have on, the faster it will run down. If you are using it in the back country, turn off your data links. If there is limited cell service, your phone will discharge faster if it is looking for a data connection. Search and Rescue can find you with your phone. But if you loose the battery, it may take longer to locate you. It is a great tool but it should not replace any of the items listed above.



    Do not purchase plastic snow shovels for Tahoe Snow. They will not work well when needed.

    When lost, remain calm, eveluate your assets and make a plan.

    Washoe County Search and Rescue:

    Rescued in the Back Country

    7000+ Missions for the years 2001 - 2020.

    Josh Ketcham is a Life time members of Washoe County Search and Resuce and is a member the State Search and Resuce Board.
    Mountain Survival can do trainings for you or your group. Sometimes at no charge. Some proceeds are donated to Washoe County Search and Rescue to help
    support this ALL VOLUNTEER group under that is under the command of the Washoe County Sheriff Office.
    Give us a call.

    Group training and education is available. We can also provide man tracking instruction. Just ask.

    Want to get involved in Search and Rescue in the Lake Tahoe/ Washoe County Area? Email for more information. You can text Josh at 775-741-0735. We are looking for Volunteers.

    When you venture out, BE PREPARED!!! Click here to find information on the search and rescue missions in Washoe County and Lake Tahoe.

    prepare your survival skills for chaning weather

    The weather at Tahoe can change any time. These pictures are 15 minutes apart. 9 March 2001

    Be Prepared!!!!!!!!

    Site Table of Contents

    Increase your proficiency and master the craft of back country survival if you plan any outdoor activity.
    Check our survival index.

    Looking for Something to do while at Lake Tahoe? Click below.


    Watch the latest videos on

    Mountain Survival Blog

    f you have any questions you may contact us at by calling 775 741 0735 or E-mail:

    We suport our military. Thankyou to all those who have served, are serving and planning to serve. With out you there would be no US!

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